Here is a bit about me…

I grew up in Düsseldorf, a city where many artists, such as Joseph Beuys and Otto Dix, spent intensively creative years, but it was not until I spent a year in New York that I opened my eyes to discover the value and significance of art. In 2014, I graduated in Art History from the University of Amsterdam and in 2019 I’ve obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Leeds. Since 2018 I’ve curated a couple of exhibitions, mainly at the Museum Schloss Rheydt.

Having a wide interest in art, literature, and philosophy, I decided to start a blog in order to share my perspectives on and experiences with art. This basically means that I invite you to take a glimpse at my personal Art Journal. In doing so, my goal is to provide inspiration and information to those who are interested in art but do not quite know where to begin and how to go about it. The art world can sometimes seem a little intimidating, but art is relevant and whether we have already realised it or not, it is part of our life because we are cultural beings. So, with a view to further people’s interest in art and culture in its many forms, I aim to write about exhibitions, books, and cultural topics that are relevant in one way or another, regardless of their medium, genre, or period of creation.

My idea is to help create awareness of art and by means of art. Achieving awareness of culture and art is a valuable skill to have as it widens our horizon and can contribute to a better understanding of socio-cultural events that are happening within our own environment as well as all over the world. After all, nobody would debate that we can benefit on a personal level from going through life with awareness. In order to escape the own embroidery of thoughts, however, we do not need to rely solely on meditation and yoga (which I enjoy practicing myself by the way…), but we can turn our attention to art and allow ourselves to be inspired to reflect on things that otherwise would never have crossed our minds. Thus, why not apply the same care and attention to cultivating our awareness of culture in its many shapes and forms? It is a rewarding experience and, most importantly, it allows us to grow.

While it is a pretty exciting time to visit exhibitions and follow the contemporary art scene, our popular modern lifestyle can, more often than not, impair our experience with art by not allowing enough time to perceive artworks with our own eyes and reflect on them properly. Having said that, I aim to keep the posts rather short and write with the question Why is it relevant? in mind, since this blog intends to make art more accessible and highlight its relevance. For those who are interested in digging deeper, be assured that I will provide tips for exhibition visits and more.

The key to successfully approach and appreciate art is to train the eye, or, as I like to think of it, to cultivate awareness. Cultivating awareness truly starts with being curious and taking the time to look at art and reflect on its many meanings.

Be curious & be aware.


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